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The National Rock Racing Association has been bringing you the highest level of professional off-road motorsports since 2012. Competitive rock crawling and hill climbing evolved very quickly in the Southeastern U.S. into what’s now commonly known as “Rock Bouncing”. Scoring points by completing obstacles with slow precision wasn’t enough for the pioneers of rock bouncing, they wanted to run those obstacles and extreme hills as fast as possible. As the terrain changed, so did the rock crawlers they were piloting. The horsepower increased, and the chassis and suspensions morphed into finely tuned, incredibly robust race machines.

The National Rock Racing Association was formed to give these extreme competitors an organized venue to show the world what they love doing. The off-road parks that we raced in became an integral part of growing the sport by working with us to provide the most challenging hills that the drivers could hope to race, as well as carving out the most spectacular viewing areas to watch the action. Both the NRRA Bouncer and UTV class race format and rules can be found here: RULES One of the concerns of extreme Rock Bouncing is the inherent danger associated with the sport.   

The NRRA has been the leader in promoting driver and spectator safety on a number of levels. There are countless safety equipment mandates for both the drivers, their equipment, and their buggies. Even though there is a high level of confidence in the devices, precautions, and procedures that are in place today, the National Rock Racing Association will continue to keep safety our number 1 goal.

As the sport of Rock Racing gets bigger every day, you can count on the National Rock Racing Association to continue bringing you the most exciting action with the best drivers in the world.

Meet The Team

Bree Molitor


Bree Molitor has been involved in the sport of rock racing since the beginnings in 2012. She races the Avenger Buggy, along with her dad, and has been part of multiple forms of media coverage for the sport over the years. She will be joining Matt Holt to bring you the 2022 season of NRRA’s “HillSide Live” on Rock Racing TV.

Matt Holt


Matthew Holt owns High Society Off Road and drives the Hyperactive rock bouncer. He has been off roading since he was 3 and being the son of a used auto dealer, he has driven many different makes and models from a Yugo to a Ferrari. Offroad racing has been a passion since he was young and has evolved into a career. Matthew races the full NRRA cup series and attends various other offroad events throughout the year, as well as doing commentary for several offroad outlets including SRRS and Ultra 4.

Zac Garner


Zac Garner has been front and center as the NRRA Announcer since 2017. He keeps the crowd and drivers entertained with his quick wit, and classic good looks. He’s also been one of the regular hosts on the NRRA pre and post race shows. Zac is looking forward to another year on the mic at the events, as well as presenting “The Starting Line” with Clyde Bynum on Rock Racing TV.

Nick Mott


Nick Mott is a mega fan of rock bouncing, who served his country proudly in the US Army.  He was responsible for running the RC class, and more recently social media for the entire circuit.  Nick hosts our weekly rock bouncer news show, The Starting Line.  He is also responsible for his own live broadcast called On the Hill w/ Nick, where he interviews some of the biggest names in the sport.  Nick’s continued support of the sport and its growth are felt everyday with his relentless effort.

Dylan Patton


Dylan Patton, better known as DPat, is one of the most talented photographers to ever get behind a lens. Add to that, his fearless mentality to get shots that no one else dares to get, and you can see why we are so ecstatic to have him on our team this year.

Bill Blaisdell


To say Bill Blaisdell is the out doorsy type is an understatement. Bill is right at home on the hill, with his dog Rah-lo. His off road prowess is second to none which is why he is one of our safety officers and more importantly, our recovery expert. You can catch Bill on off road shows like Truck Night in America, as well as on the trail in his Toyota based truck, "The Grimm Creeper".

Taylor Chandler


Taylor was introduced to rock racing by his stunning wife, Garrian. He instantly became a big fan of the sport, and joined the team in 2021 shadowing Clyde Bynum to learn all aspects of production behind the scenes. He had prior experience from a Tech Coordinator position at his church, where he was responsible for all technical equipment along with training his team members, and he also studied church production for two years in college. He now follows this new passion, striving to bring new ideas and push the production team to reach the next level.

Clyde Bynum


Clyde Bynum is the president of the National Rock Racing Association, and so much more. Clyde has three beautiful children, who he has an amazing relationship with. He has a rich history in the custom automotive field, from mini trucks with adjustable suspensions to full blown race cars with 1000+ horsepower. Clyde has taken the sport of rock racing from a humble, backwoods form of entertainment to a worldwide phenomenon that has limitless growth, going forward.