**Current race stats**

** NRRA Round 3 **
The race for the championship continues at Wildcat Off-Road, March 24-25, 2023, presented by Visone RV.

We are two races in and here are the current standings:
Brandon Davis-1st
Justin Wills-2nd
Daniel Hoeckele-3rd

UTV Unlimited Cup:
Nathan King-1st
Clay Cayson-2nd
Brandon Davis-3rd

UTV Stock:
Jay Stortz-1st
Justin Hoback-2nd
Brandon Davis-3rd

UTV Bounty:
Casey Howell-1st
Tyler Bradley-2nd
DC Thompson-3rd

UTV Youth:
Ava Garner-1st
Dalis Hoeckele-2nd
Clara Hoback-3rd

VIN Class:
Charles Carriss-1st
Justin Hoback-2nd
Mick Henson-3rd

It's going to be a great race season. You don't want to miss out on the action.

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